Captain N'Bod

A nefarious pirate of the English seas


Thus far, not much is known of Captain N’bod from the players. They do know from Keldon’s fieldguide that Keldon was searching for the Captain known as N’bod, rumoured to have discovered the lost underwater city known as Avalon.


From the rumours that the players have come across, they have heard:

  • Captain N’bod is dead, end of story.
  • Captain N’bod’s ghost haunts his old room at the Shark and Anchor in Ramsgate.
  • Captain N’bod is dead and still roams the seas in his ghastly vessels.
  • Esmerelda, the unusual fish at the Shark and Anchor is actually Captain N’bod.

The party has also heard a song called, The Tale of N’bod as performed by Baldwin Rowe in The Shark and Anchor.

On May 3rd, 1314 the adventuring party found N’bod’s remains in a sea cave at the Singing Cliffs of Moon Isle Atoll. There, they took his chest of treasure as well as a diamond earring and his journal.

The Ghost of N'bod

Captain N'Bod

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