Catherine of Barlo

A mother of some of the missing children from Barlo


Catherine is a small and modest, but strong-willed woman. She stands at 5’2" and her arms are strong from years of working in the fields. Her brown hair is full, which she keeps wrapped under a headscarf.


In the last several months about a dozen children have gone missing from Barlo, assumed taken by the Witch of Windcrag. She had to do something about it, so she travelled to Southampton in hopes of convincing some brave defenders to journey to Windcrag Mountain and destroy the witch. Catherine and her husband found themselves at the Southampton Inn and Tavern. Here, a sympathetic mage named Elora found Catherine in tears, and bought her some sweetbread to settle her nerves, then procedded to hear her tales. The next evening, Elora found Kyrs and Beldet engaged in a knife throwing contest in the Lusty Lass, a tavern known to be favoured by men of the blade and competitors in the Southampton Tournaments. Impressed by their skill and bravado, Elora asked them to assist her in tracking down the Witch of Windcrag and find the missing children of Barlo.

Catherine of Barlo

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