An old bearded man


Cayman is in his 40’s, with wrinkled suntanned skin and a large black and white streaked beard. He stands at about 5’9 and is slender but still muscular for his age. He lives alone in a hut on the beach of Moon Isle Atoll.

Beaches of Moon Isle Atoll


Cayman knows the secrets of making a tropical alchohol known as rum. He brews this at his home on Moon Isle Atoll. He was taught these secrets by an old sailor named Jerry.

Cayman told the adventurers that he has been living alone on Moon Isle Atoll now for years, he was shipwrecked and decided to stay. The rest of his crew built canoes and left the island a long time ago. He was friends with Captain N’bod, who was a frequent visitor to him and also brought supplies.

Cayman can speak the native’s language, and is essential in the communication to them for the party. He travels with them and ends up helping them.

Cayman's Rum Still


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