Elora Nightshade

Healer of Somersham


Elora is the mage of the group. She is small, standing at 5’3" and weighing 115lbs. Her light brown hair is straight and goes to the middle of her waist. She has an ethereal charm about her and her skin is fair. Her eyes are of an emerald green with flecks of yellow. She is 23 years old.

Elora’s Quests.



Elora Nightshade was born in 1291 on the 21st of December in Somersham of Hampshire. Her mother is Griselda Nightshade and her father Griselda never spoke of, quickly changing the subject from a young Elora’s inquisitive mind. Elora has no memory of him.

When Elora was 16 years old, she came back from collecting water for the day to find her mother missing. A full day went by with no sign of Griselda, when Elora left their hut to look for her a woman she had never met before told her that her mother had an accident and had died. Elora searched the woods and the hills looking for her mother but never found her, nor any evidence of a struggle. Years went by and Elora never heard of her mother again, despite all of her attempts to find her. The strange woman was no one that she had ever seen in Somersham before, and she never saw the woman again.

Elora's Spellbook

One evening while preparing to sleep, Elora had an unusual sense to dig into the floor of her hut – a strange sensation that something was under the ground, almost calling for her to find whatever it was. Acting on her inclination, she began to uncover the earth and discovered an old, leather-bound book. After some time spent studying it she found herself able to do things that many considered to be unnatural – she was learning the ways of magic, and she had talent.

Later through the years she learned how to read tarot cards from a gypsy caravan that traveled through the village.

Spells Known

  • Burning Hands
  • Light
    -Requires a firefly or a piece of phosphorescent moss.
  • Mending
    -Requires two small pieces of lodestone.
  • Feather Fall
  • Shocking Grasp

Elora Nightshade

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