Geddren Morg

A Savage and Barbaric Fighter


Geddren is a lethal fighter in the pagan tribes of The Morrigan. She stands at a height of 5’7", quite tall for the average female of the time, and weighs 166lbs of lean muscle. Her hair is dark and her large eyes are of brown. Her hair is long but shaved at the sides, and her eyebrows are arched high. Above her right eye is a terrible scar taking away from much of her natural beauty, giving her an intimidating look.

As a pagan, Geddren wears the preferred natural clothing of furs and leathers. She also wears a flax tunic, embroidered with the symbols of her clan and patroness. A dark brown cloak of her tribe she wears, fastened about her with a brooch of The Morrigan.

Geddren Morg


Born May 21st, 1293 in a pagan village in Wales, Geddren was the first born of her mother and father, both of whom were known as powerful warriors.

When Geddren was but a young girl at the tender age of seven, she was traded to a nearby tribe in Wales as the custom goes for preventing crossbreeding. When Geddren turned ten, it was noticed that crows were drawn to her. It was not long after, one befriended her whom she named Babd after her patroness. Babd told her there would be a terrible battle in her home village, and that her parents would lose their lives. Three days later, it was truth. It was then she was taken under care from a man known as Aiden of the Woods, who has taught her the ways of the sword and The Morrigan.

As a worshiper of The Morrigan, Geddren lives by these words:

Macha, Nemain, Morrigan, Tuatha De Danaan comfort the slain
Raven Goddess appear this night, within my circle end your flight.
And though you bring the Spirit of fear, you are my Mother I am your Seer.
Go before me make my path clear, To you alone I am endeered.
Before washing my robes at the ford, Land on my shoulder so I be warned.
I walk this path and without fear, The field of battle will soon be clear.
Through you all my wounds are healed.
You are my lover my God my shield.

Geddren Morg

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