Kyrs mentor


Keldon is a man of 32 years old, his hair is thick and bushy and starting to gray.

However, when the party finds him on Moon Isle Atoll, he is a very old, weak and blind.

Here is an excerpt from the adventure log where the party finds Keldon.

But instead of a man of thirty-two years old, Keldon is a very weak, blind and old man. A shocked Kyrs asked what has happened. Keldon tells him that the village elder has lain a curse upon him for stealing some sacred gems and idols. He was caught and now suffers in this hut while the boy, Djano cares for him. He thanks Kyrs for coming to save him. Kyrs asks him if he knows Reynard, and tells him he was sent by Reynard to find him. Keldon states that Kyrs he sold out the man who saved him from the streets, who took him in and showed him how to survive. Kyrs apologizes. Keldon tells them how he got to the island, and how he was captured and cursed. He states that he was here looking for N’bod and the lost city of Avalon, but since then he has time to reflect and learned the err of his ways. No longer will he steal or kill and now wishes only to lead an honest life. He pleads for Kyrs to do the same, and to learn from his own mistakes. They tell Keldon they are visiting with the elder tonight, and they will do what they can to convince him to turn the curse.

On the 2nd of May, 1314 the party returned to the Village Macuro and met with the elder, Ochitle to reverse the old-age curse. Here is an excerpt from that adventure log.

In the middle of the jungle night, the party returned to the Village Macuro. They were met with only several native watchman, but of nothing else. They were escorted to the village elder, Ochitle’s hut. Ochitle was awakened by the natives. He immediately welcomed the white adventurers back to their village. They once again had Cayman translate their success to Ochitle of the slaying of The Beast with Three Heads. The party stepped to the outskirts of the village, and returned with the decapitated heads of the monster. Ochitle looked pleased, closed his eyes and nodded his head. He then told Cayman who translated, “Thank you, the curse on your friend has been lifted.”

When the party returned to Keldon on Moon Isle Atoll, he was once again young.


They spoke with Keldon at length and had him look over the strange artifacts they acquired from the goblin shaman. Read the conversation here - A Talk With Keldon.

Once they returned to England with Keldon, they had another conversation with him and decided that he would be known as Nathanial while with him to hide his identity for the time being. Read the conversation here – Conversations in the Dark.


Little is known of Keldon, except that which Kyrs has revealed to the party: Keldon was Kyrs mentor. He knows much of ancient languages and runes, he may be the secret to unlocking the mysterious writings on the Goblin Shaman’s staff. Kyrs also has made a deal with Reynard to find Keldon and bring him back to him in Southampton.

Keldon in his hut at Moon Isle Atoll


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