Madmorsight Coleridge

Double fisted drinking brawler


A fighter of the group who can fight two handed, as well as blindfolded. He is the largest member of the group standing at 6’3" and weighing 230lbs. He is 25 years old, has chestnut brown hair, brown eyes and likes to wear his facial hair in the fashion of an English goatee when he can.



Madmorsight Coleridge was born on March 1st, 1289 and was the second child to his proud parents. His father was a master sailor and captained several vessels. Madmorsight learned much from his life on the ocean, such as navigation on the seas. He met many sailors whom he learned a variety of fighting skills, most notable two-handed fighting and blind fighting. He had a particular fondness and natural talent with the bastard sword.


Madmorsight has two younger sisters as well who reside in Portsmouth with his mother. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown Madmorsight’s father left the family when Moresight was ten years ago and has not been seen since. Moresight continued to live on the seas away from his family. This is perhaps why Moresight has a fear of abandonment. He also has a fear of sea hags, probably from all the tales the crusted sailors had told him when drunk off their cruel grog.

Madmorsight left recently to find his own fortune, mostly with his skill of the blade in tournaments. He has the desire to once again visit Portsmouth and see his mother and family as he has not seen them since he was fifteen.

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Madmorsight Coleridge

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