Village elder of Macuro


Ochitle is the elder of Macuro, he appears to be about sixty years old. Ochitle’s left half is painted black from head to toe. He wears a feather headdress and many brightly coloured beaded braclets. Although it is not pictured, he also wears large three inch discs in his earlobes. He holds a large gnarled staff with many feathers from various species of bird.


Ochitle placed a curse upon Keldon as punishment for stealing idols and gems from the village. The adventuring party has agreed to help Ochitle and his village by slaying the Beast with Three Heads, in return Ochitle will reverse the curse placed upon Keldon. To do so, they must take the village princess, Quylurani to the Cave of Rebirth to present themselves to the gods. After that, then they must find the Beast and bring one of it’s heads back to Ochitle. The princess must remain unharmed and a virgin.


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