The young village princess of Macuro


Quylurani (Coy-lur-on-nay) is a young woman of about fourteen years and is the princess of the village Macuro. She has many symetrical markings tattooed on her face as well as two X’s near the corners of her eyes. She stands at 5’2" and is slender and strong. She is adorned with a simple white shell necklace.


Ochitle has sent the party to slay The Beast With Three heads with Quylurani, he tells them they first must travel to The Cave of Rebirth to present themselves to the gods. Quylarani must return unharmed, and remain as a virgin or her powers will be lost.

Quylurani has what the villagers call, The Sight. She told the adventurers that she has seen them enter a sacred temple together and that one of them summons the six-armed goddess who destroys The Beast With Three Heads.

Ochitle told the group that the Tribe of Xolotl believes that Quylarani must be sacrificed to The Beast With Three Heads in order to quench his destructive thirst and send him back to Pillan.

Quylurani says that whomever takes her virginity, will also take her powers – so the beliefs say.


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