The warrior champion of the Village Macuro


Shoteka is large for a man of the tribe. Standing at 5’9" and tattooed with the markings of a warrior, Shoteka carries a spear. He wears his hair up in a ponytail and wears jaguar teeth pierced through his earlobes. He also wears a sand dollar necklace.

Shoteka's Necklace


Shoteka is one of the warriors who fought The Beast With Many Arms and survived. This was a rite of passage for warriors to determine who would hunt The Beast With Three Heads, and Shoteka is upset that the rite was disrupted by the adventurers.

Once the adventurers made it to his village, he challenged the largest person, Madmorsight to a fight. They fought with bare fists, resulting in Madmorsight knocking him out.

Shoteka went with the party to help protect Quylurani and escorted them to the Cave of Rebirth. While in the caves, Shoteka slipped and fell down a dark chasm. An insect centipede like creature chased down after him. The party left him to his certain death.


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