Simon Formby, Steward of Ramsgate

Sir Gauston's Steward


Simon Formby


Simon Formby is the Steward of Ramsgate, second in command only to Sir Godfrey Wrenne, Lord of Ramsgate. Simon is an expert in the fields of economics and politics, he has helped Godfrey secure many trade agreements with France, Germany and Italy. He sits on the council of Ramsgate.

Simon has helped build Ramsgate from a humble town to a bustling profitable coastal city.

It seems as though Simon has his fingers in nearly every profitable business in Ramsgate and knows every merchant. He is responsible for the many tolls, taxes and fee’s imposed upon the people – but the laws always seem to favor the poor, which gives him great favor with the common folk.

Simon Formby, Steward of Ramsgate

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