Sir Gauston Bradbury

Marshal of the Knights of Ramsgate


Marshal of Ramsgate


Sir Gauston Bradbury is the Marshal of Ramsgate appointed by Sir Godfrey Wrenne himself.

Bradbury Coat of Arms

Gauston is well known for his tactical warfare prowess on the battlefield as well as his bravery and loyalty. Sir Gauston has taken upon Godfrey’s son Lewis Wrenne as his squire. Due to this, Lewis is not in Castle Ramsgate as much anymore but in the yard training and learning.

Sir Gauston has remained at Ramsgate as he has already fulfilled his obligations to King Edward II this year and therefore has not traveled to Berwick to join the King in the attack on Scotland. However, some of the men have been sent along with supplies and provisions – but most of their forces remain.

Gauston is Godfrey’s best friend.

Sir Gauston Bradbury

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