The Beast With Three Heads

A beast with the head of a lion, goat and dragon.


Ochitle has decribed The Beast With Three Heads to the adventuring party as having the head and body of a great maned cat, a lizard’s head, and a goat’s head. He says the creature is winged and can fly and can also breath fire.


A depiction of The Beast With Three Heads

The Beast with Three Heads has been terrorizing the villages across the mainlands for some time now. The creature swoops in and destroys everything in its path while eating men, women and children alike. Usually, the village is left burning down.

The villagers of Macuro believe that Quylurani can stop the beast as long as she remains a virgin. She has foreseen that they will awaken the Six Armed Goddess which will destroy The Beast With Three Heads. However, the Tribe of Xoxotl believes the only way to rid the land of The Beast With Three Heads is to sacrifice Quylurani.

The Beast With Three Heads

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