Witch of Windcrag

The torso of a disgusting aged woman, and the legs of a bird like creature. Her back has large gray feathered wings.


The Witch of Windcrag is a hideous and disgusting creature. The top half of the monstrosity is an old ugly woman, bare chested with her shriveled breasts hanging low and speckled with blood and dung. The lower half is comprised of the legs of a bird-like creature. Gray and black feathers ending with a long sharp three-toed talons. On the back are feathered wings, similar in color to the feathered legs.


The Witch of Windcrag is a tale told to the young children of Suffolk and nearby counties. The stories tell the tale of a witch who lives in the rocky and windy mountain of Windcrag, who swoops down from the sky to take away children into the night to feast upon. There are many rumors about the witch, some of which deny her existence at all.

The Witch of Windcrag was found in her lair, a cave by Elora, Kyrs and Beldet.

For more information on this encounter see, Slaying the Witch of Windcrag.

Witch of Windcrag

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