A round amulet made of stone carved with unusual runes.


Nel, an old wise sage, looked at the ring and stated to the party that this was both good and evil and that they should be careful using it. She wasn’t able to say what it did or how to use it, but that it was definately magickal.


Found in the nest of the Witch of Windcrag. Currently in possesion by Kyrs. The rest of the adventuring party is unaware that Krys has this, as he was in the nest alone when it was found.

The party now knows of Kyr’s possesion of the amulet, as they were there when Nel looked at it and explained the properties of the item. They do not, however, know that it is from the witch’s nest.

On May 4th, 1314 Kyrs had Evan Meryston of Obscura Antiques and Oddities inspect the amulet. She asked Kyrs if he had ever worn it before. He said that he had and when he did he stayed up all night. Evan told Kyrs that the markings on the amulet were Jewish and had to do with sleep, from what Kyrs had told her she deducted that the amulet would keep him awake for as long as he wore it.

That night, Kyrs put on the amulet. When he did so no longer did he feel tired whatsoever and he did not fall asleep that night resulting in no nightmares from the curse of the Witch of Windcrag.


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