Dark Book

A Black Book seemingly full of spells


The cover of the book is plain black leather, with no title or markings. The leather seems to be of very high quality. Within the book, it is filled with strange runic writings and diagrams. Each page has an exquisite border written. The penmanship and quality is extraordinary.

Black Book

In the late hours of May 4th, 1314, Elora Nightshade retired to her room in the Shark and Anchor and began to study the dark book. Within the pages she found many spells, the rituals of circle magic, the enchantment of items, hypnotism, principals of conjuration and a list of many peculiar names.

1st Level

*Chill Touch
*Detect Undead
*Find Familiar

2nd Level

*Spectral Hand

3rd Level

*Feign Death
*Hold Undead
*Vampiric Touch


Elora purchased this book from Obscura on May 4th, 1314.

Obscura cannot disclose who sold them the book, the seller wishes to remain anonymous. All that they were told is that the book is very old and very valuable.

Elora asked about the history of the mysterious old and valuable book she just purchased. Evan wrinkled her nose and looked up in thought then responded, “Obscura cannot disclose who sold us the book as the seller wishes to remain anonymous. All that we were told is that the book is very old and very valuable. Which by our account and knowledge is accurate.” Evan then confessed, “Well, have you heard of the White Council?" Elora admitted that she had not.
“No – well, they are a group of wizards who govern, or moreso control those who use magic. They have a set of self imposed rules that they believe everyone should follow – whether they know them or not. This book may break some of those laws – but this is just what I have heard.”

Elora asked Evan what kind of laws the book may break, Evan told her “dark magic.”

Dark Book

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