Ivory Ring

An unusual ring


This unusual ring is made from a very light polished metal. Within the metal are strange runes and symbols, perhaps indicating that this ring is magical. Set in the face of the ring is a oblong oddly shaped polished piece of swirling tan and white ivory.


Found on the finger of Witch of Windcrag. Taken by Kyrs.

On April 18th, 1314 the brave party stopped at a small village known as Romsley to visit a sage known as Nel. Nel revealed to the party that the ring has the power of control of at least dogs. Kyrs gave Beldet the ring after the consultation.

The next day in The Shark and Anchor, Beldet tested the ring on Ramsgate’s local celebrity – a fish called Esmerelda. He tried to communicate with it, with no reponse. He was however able to give it commands in his mind which the fish obeyed immediately.

The day after, on a strange unknown island they encountered a giant octopus. Beldet was about 30 feet away and tried to gain control over the creature and was seemingly able to confuse it – but did not gain complete control. He did not move closer, so the ring may have a range of effect.

Ivory Ring

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