Obscure Amulet

Strange Patina Amulet set with lifelike Eye


This amulet is extremely unusual and rare. The main body of the amulet appears to be a copper hip bone from some type of bipedal creature. It could be from an infant, but most likely from some type of monster – perhaps a goblin child. The patina and copper base has a very lifelike eye set in the middle. Adorning the necklace are three amber teardrop beads.


It is known as Alexander’s Eye, as he was the man who found it.

Obscura traded this object to an independent seller for an elven blade. The seller reported to Obscura that the necklace was found in an ancient battlefield where orcs and dwarves once battled. The craftmanship could be orcish, but perhaps a dwarven priest made a disturbing trophy from his kills.

This unusual piece is priced at 300 gold coins. Elora purchased this from Obscura on May 23rd, 1314.

Obscure Amulet

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