The conception of this campaign is that it is set in our own real world in the year 1314 in England with the addition of demihuman and monsterous races. Edward II is the king of England, while he battles the king of Scotland, Robert the Bruce. Monsters and creatures have mostly been defeated or pushed back into the uninhabited dark.

Earth is a coveted gem in the crown of the Multiverse where gods host battle against each other’s creations. Some gods each want to control Earth for its untapped wealth and power of worshippers.

Man’s hunger for power and gold has pushed the elves back into the woods far from civilization, and their distrust has kept them from trades or participation in human affairs. Elves are rarely seen.

Hobbits are a peaceful race, and also shy away from the humans and their affairs. Although distrusting, they will still trade goods with humans, but are always on the watch and waiting for the day in which they too become victim of man’s hunger for power. Hobbits live in the rocky hills of the United Kingdom,

Dwarves are all but extinct. There has not been a dwarven settlement seen for over a century. It has been reported that they have returned to their lands known as Erackinor, or that they perished searching too deep in the dark for gold and mithral, unleashing ancient evils that destroyed them.

According to the tales, the goblins were defeated by the dwarves about 120 years ago. The goblin gods hungered for dwarven gems and metals, as well as defiling the dwarven gods.

Orcs were banished by elven powers about four centuries ago. It is told that the orcs crawled into the cavernous veins of Earth by command of powerful elven spellcrafters and that they dissapeared into another plane of existance.

The History of Man
The History of Dwarves
The History of Elves
The History of Halflings
The History of Goblins
The History of Orcs

A Brief History of England as Told by Man


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