Obscura Antiques and Oddities

Obscura Antiques and Oddities is a shop that specializes in selling, buying and trading of bizarre and unusual objects, as well as very old furniture and artifacts from the ancient Greek, Roman as well as English and Irish. It is jam packed with curios, unusual taxidermy, exotic furs and many many other strange objects.

Sign outside

Most notable in the store is the huge guillotine that towers in the center of the store, in front of it is a basket with a fake human head sitting within. The walls are lined with stuffed animal heads mounted on wooden plaques. There are numerous wolves, foxes, beavers, deer, several bears, a large ram and one very large horn (or tooth). There are also some full bodied animals stuffed and mounted. Also hanging on the walls, as well as from a rack are a large assortment of varied weapons – maces, flails, pikes, swords, and axes.

Below the weapons on the walls, are more shelves which are lined with various bottles of peculiar size, shape and color. Some are long and skinny, some are short and fat, some are sprinkled with sparkling flakes of minerals, others are ornately carved. There are also some bottles with very strange monstrous specimens. One of which being a hideous worm with long sharp teeth. On the counter is a skeleton of what appears to be a young dragon beneath a globe of protective glass. Beneath a locked glass counter top are many piece of jewelery: assorted rings (some plain, some very detailed), a brooch, a necklace of a nickel cross with a cool-blue jewel and a very strange patina amulet with a lifelike eye set in the center.

The Eye of Alexander

On another wall there is a bookcase lined with a dozen or so dusty tomes of various size. Sitting on the shelf with the books is an unusual counting device, framed by wood that is twisted in an impossible manner. On the top shelf of the book case are many small tubes that are labeled with the names of unusual herbs, powders and dusts.

This establishment is run by Michael Beauson, a tall hefty muscular man who is showing signs of balding. He is in his 30’s and and has a thick mustache. He knows much about antiquities, and is particularly knowledgeable of taxidermy. Evan Meryston is the co-owner of Obscura, she is thin and fragile looking, except her arms which look muscular. She is of blonde hair that is naturally curly and wears spectacles that sit atop her large Roman nose. She is about 5’2" tall and favors plain, dark clothes. She also favors the morbid things in life, as well as visiting cemeteries and attending funerals. Because of this, many locals refer to her as, “The Death Lady.”

Last but not least, Ryan Savill works for Obscura as the stores buyer. Ryan is about 5’8 and slender. He keeps his black hair well groomed, is always clean shaven and he dresses himself with the finest clothes in Ramsgate. His vocabularly is extensive and he articulates all of his words very carefully. This attention to detail carries over to his work and interests as well. Ryan is very fond of bones, skeletons and putting them together, a very tedious and lengthy process. The dragon skeleton was assembled by Ryan himself.

Obscura Antiques and Oddities

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