Pictures from Second Anniversary Session

Ryan having a good time!
Ryan having a good time with his sweet Walking Red t shirt!

Jeff is chillin.
Jeff relaxing and enjoying the game.

Amanda hides! Amanda, hating the camera as always!! But you can see the ring I put on her finger!! :)

Jeff reads the letter.
Jeff reads the letter from Lord Eric.

Ryan reads the letter.
Ryan checks outs the letter after Jeff.

The letter
Here is the prop.

Amanda's Delicious Chicken Puffs!
Amanda made some chicken puffs, here they are before entering the oven. They didn’t last long enough after they came to survive a photograph.

Sasha is restrained. Sasha under the net with Kyrs as the party tries to restrain her.

The model of Cracknore Isle. I made a model of Cracknore Isle.

Pictures from Second Anniversary Session

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