Pictures from the 10-21-12 Session

Green Grog photo IMAG0438_zps3ca7cba4.jpg

Amanda made some delicious concoction known as Green Grog.

Hallowe'en Snacks photo IMAG0439_zpseb212432.jpg

We love to snack on Hallowe’en food!

The bloody table photo IMAG0440_zpsdad44b65.jpg

D&D Gear photo IMAG0441_zps9c4d3b90.jpg

Living Room photo IMAG0442_zps332d5d1f.jpg

The living room, we don’t game here.

The Snack Bench photo IMAG0443_zpsb8242488.jpg

More gaming snacks!

Some of the group photo IMAG0444_zps9d6ea686.jpg

The group hangs out before we get to the gaming.

More group photo IMAG0445_zpsfad377df.jpg

More group again photo IMAG0446_zps82d2037e.jpg

Amanda's Goblin Eyes photo IMAG0447_zps6e469907.jpg

Amanda made some Goblin Eyes! Absolutely delicious.

Amanda's Spooky Cupcakes photo IMAG0448_zps7e51716c.jpg

Spooky cupcakes!

Scout taking a nap photo IMAG0449_zps01c6d5b6.jpg

Scout taking a nap.

Amanda hides in the background photo IMAG0450_zps7cec0a8e.jpg

Taking a break.

Pictures from the 10-21-12 Session

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