Pictures from the 7-29-12 Session

Ryan, Bobbie, Amanda and Jeff

Ryan, Bobbie, Amanda and Jeff around the game table.

Jeff, Brandon and Ryan

Jeff, Brandon and Ryan.

Bobbie moves her figure

Bobbie moves her figure, Geddren, down into the dungeon depths.

Behind the screen

Behind the screen!

Bobbie and Amanda

Bobbie and Amanda.

Scout and Ryan

During break, Ryan spends a little time outside on this beautiful day to play with his daughter, Scout.

Chelsea 2

Chelsea enjoys a little sunshine too, hoping the cat comes back for her to chase.


I will master this hula hoop someday!

Beautiful Day

A beautiful day, indeed.

In the dungeon

Some of the group, in the cells of the dungeon.

Ryan moves his figure

Ryan moves his figure, Kyrs to assist the others.

The DM

The dungeon master, posing with his hood.

The Huntsman

My full costume, as it is now.

Pictures from the 7-29-12 Session

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