Pictures from the 9-23-12 Session

Bobbie, Amanda and Jeff photo IMAG0393_zps33ccdfb5.jpg

Bobbie, Amanda and Jeff hanging out in the kitchen.

Some of our Hallowe'en decor photo IMAG0394_zps5a3438c8.jpg

Got a little Pumpkin Ale going on in there too!

In the cave, speaking with The Oracle photo IMAG0396_zpsa70ed95c.jpg

Map of the caverns: The Chamber of the Oracle.

More decorations photo IMAG0397_zps1aed7f5b.jpg

Chelsea! photo IMAG0398_zpsfe0a1ef8.jpg

Bobbie making some snackage photo IMAG0402_zpsf30d5bb6.jpg

Amanda making the stuffed peppers.

Bobbie's Homemade Dip of Awesomeness  5 photo IMAG0403_zpsf6359832.jpg

Had to get a pic before it was gone!

Bobbie's homemade pumpkin cookies. So delicious! photo IMAG0404_zpsf1d68ecf.jpg

Love me some homemade pumpkin cookies!

Amanda making homemade stuffed jalapeno peppers. photo IMAG0405_zpsbda115fb.jpg

Hanging in the kitchen photo IMAG0406_zps5749a89a.jpg

Ryan, Scout and Brandon taking a break. photo IMAG0407_zpsfb2c18cf.jpg

At the game table photo IMAG0408_zps01ca0a32.jpg

Getting the dip on. photo IMAG0409_zps3dd7a715.jpg

Good times! photo IMAG0410_zps02deaea7.jpg

Bobbie and Amanda. photo IMAG0411_zps44495520.jpg

The battle photo IMAG0412_zps8b8d8496.jpg

The massive battle of goblins, orcs and hobgoblins against a demonic insect creature and hoards of strange giant bugs.

Pictures from the 9-23-12 Session

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