The Black Sails Tavern

The Black Sails Tavern is a bar near the coastline of the city Ramsgate.

Inside the Black Sails Tavern

It sits at the end of a dark, short and narrow alley. The exterior of the tavern appears to be a ship that has run aground, and looks as though it has crashed through several buildings. The bow of the ship has been altered to open the stem to an arched entryway holding a sturdy door. It’s black sails stand in the salty air, torn and whipping in the wind. Outside of the doorway are several skulls hanging from gnarled ropes and a few casks laying about.

Inside the tavern all of the bulkheads and storage compartments have been removed and replaced with tables, a bar and some booths. The support beams and ribs of the vessel remain in the smokey room, as well as the foremast, mainmast and mizzenmast. The room is decorated with ropes, casks, barrels, skulls and nautical instruments hung upon the wall. There are no windows, nor is there a fireplace. Each table has a glass red-stained votives with candles in them. There also many lanterns hung near the walls and off the masts. The hardwood floor is stained with years of mud and grime, the tables have been marred from people carving their names onto them and the walls are discolored from the smoke of pipeweed.

The Black Sails Tavern

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