The Cave of Rebirth

Nothing is known about The Cave of Rebirth to the party at this time other than they know they must take Quylurani there before they can face The Beast With Three Heads.


The party traveled to the Cave of Rebirth on April 24, 1314 near midnight. Within, they faced vines that grappled against them, a strange beast that rusted Beldet’s chainmail, a giant wormlike creature, and some strange scorpion-spider nasties that nearly killed them.

At the end of the cave, they found Ochitle who gave them drugs which sent them on a journey to another plane of existence where they faced trials by a savage god.

Once passed, they returned to earth more powerful then they were… Beldet and Moresight with mind powers, and Moresight with a gifted sword from an evil god. Elora returned with an amulet given to her from her mother that she was told was dead.

Map of the cave

The Cave of Rebirth

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