Legends of the Middle Ages

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On 4/10/11 we hit our one year gaming anniversary!

On 5/6/12 we celebrated our two year anniversary!

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The year is 1314 in England. Edward II is the king of England, while Robert the Bruce rules over Scotland. Monsters and creatures are but myth and legend, stories that mothers tell their children to frighten them to behave, and to keep them away from the dark forests…

Stories of faeries and elves permeate the hamlets of England as well as tales that goblins, orcs, trolls, ogres and other vile and bloodthirsty creatures once roamed the earth in masses. Some claim to have evidence and relics of past times, but are they authentic? Or just clever trinkets forged in the guise of dwarven craftsmanship to raise the value in coin?

Then, in the spring of 1314 the city of Southampton in Hampshire was raided by a horde of goblins, armed with cleavers and spears. They killed hundreds of innocent townspeople. The city was taken by surprise and they nearly overtook the Earl’s manor if not for some brave heroes. The malicious goblins burned nearly half of the city down and took captive children and pregnant women.

Thereafter, the weather grew strange. Unseasonably cold and windy, frogs raining from the sky and then, snow – in the middle of spring. Instead of rolling green hills speckled with bluebells and bright daisies it was blankets of bitter cold snow. The crops surely will suffer, people will starve.

What has brought the goblins back to England? Where have they come from? It is the first adventure for our brave warriors and what they do will affect their planet and possibly the entire multiverse. They will have to deal with man’s obsession for power, the struggle for the throne and gold while the battle for Earth between gods rages closer with every stroke of the clock.

A Castle in York

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Legends of the Middle Ages

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