Beldet Dixon

Bigger, Faster, Stronger


Beldet is the eldest member of the group at 26 years old. He is 6’0 and 180lbs of pure muscle. His hair is dark brown and generally short, but grows quickly. His eyes are hazel and he usually has a beard and mustache.



Beldet was born on January 29th in the year 1288 in Witheridge, Devon in southeast England. He is the oldest of his only sibling, a brother. His parents were farmers and as he grew older he and his brother were expected to help with the land and the animals.

When he aged it was noticed by many of the villagers that Beldet was growing fast and strong, his arms immense and features like granite. Lifting bales of hay and pulling oxen to the fields was not a challenge to him. He learned to use sticks as swords from the other local children and eventually learned much on his own naturally. He learned to hunt from his father, tracking animals in the woods and using his bow to take them down. The village of Witheridge was known for brewing fine ale, Beldet often traded his strength to help the local brewer, in trade the brewer showed him what he knew and his recipes.

Two years ago, a merchant with a horse drawn cart wheeled into Witheridge. The roads were dangerous and the merchant was being robbed of his wares from roadside bandits. He saw the strong features of Beldet and asked if he could handle a sword. He offered Beldet a paying job to accompany him to the towns. He gave Beldet his first sword, a poor and rusty blade – but Beldet wielded it well. As time went on, the merchant could see potential in Beldet and offered to front the coin to enter him in a tournament. Beldet accepted, won and took partial of the winnings – giving him a new purpose. Eventually, Beldet returned home and gave most of the gold to his parents. Beldet then left to seek more money, fortune and glory.

During his travels from town to town, he met many people. During his travels, he came across an overturned cart, riddled with arrows and several bodies – an apparent robbery. The cart was empty of anything of value. He walked away, but then heard a low whimper coming from a shrub, he investigated it and found a scrawny and flea-ridden puppy. Rather than giving it a quick and clean death, Beldet chose to take the dog. He cleaned and feed it well, nursed it back to health. The dog eventually grew in strength. Beldet named her, Chelsea, and she has remained his loving pet every since.

Beldet Dixon

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