Kyrs Stone

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The thief of the group – his main strengths are picking pockets and locks, a street thief. He is 5’8" and 150lbs. His hair is long and brown, his face normally filled with a stubbled beard.

He has estimated that he was born in September of 1292, but rarely celebrates the occasion.



Kyrs was born a bastard – no father to take care of him, which is why his last name is Stone. Kyrs was raised in an christian orphanage in Southampton where they were very strict and harsh to the children, oftentimes working them nearly the whole day in unclean conditions. Kyrs was told that when he was very young his mother left him there as she could not care for him properly and could not bear to leave him in the woods for the foxes and wolves to find.

When Kyrs was 15, the orphanage burnt down and left him homeless, leaving him to beg and work odd jobs when he could to survive. Nearly everyone in the orphanage died, including his childhood friend Pyp. There were some survivors, including the head priest who attempted to punish the orphans who escaped. For some reason, he searched for Kyrs specifically. Kyrs had to learn how to disguise himself to keep from being found by the angry clergyman of the orphanage. He begged and worked but failed to bring enough coin to Kyr’s purse, he began to pick pockets and steal food on the streets.

One day, he was noticed by a man named Keldon who took interest in Kyr’s thieving ability and took him under his wing, teaching him how to pick locks and how to be quiet when moving in the shadows. How to climb walls that had no hand holds that seemed impossible to scale. But, as sudden as he appeared, he was gone – Kyrs has been hoping to find him again ever since, as he was the only man whom he could compare to as a father.

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Kyrs Stone

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